Hello There!

As crazy as it sounds, I do love my life! I really like how it has shaped me into who I am now!
I feel much better for all the days that are ahead of me. They could be insane but I will be okay!
I have a beautiful family with tiny-little people in it. Yes, it is broken but that’s okay too!
I don’t have it all together but my strength is rooted in the one who has made me. So, I got this!
I love to read and sometimes I love to write. But most of all, I love to learn!
I haven’t forgotten how to laugh and I have not forgotten how to leap. So, I will cheer on!
We love having fun, if that means to just cuddle up and doze or keep it cool and hangout!

I got my row checked.

so meet my family –

my first born. wants to be heard. a lot. she’s a gift to this family. If the world ever needed sass or possibly another actress, you’re welcome.

my boy. awesomeness. hilarious. the most joyful child you will have ever met. I wouldn’t want it any other way, because through his coming, I met my Jesus.

I am glad you are here. This is where I talk my heart about life in general, but with a ‘y’.

As simple as that.

Take a look around!