You know there is always that element of humor, fun that’s inside you which makes your life filled with joy. I would say, explore that ingredient in you. I get so exhausted when i get so serious in my mood to be a fighter in life, living against the odds and thriving forward and rising above(which are all by the way the fierce elements inside me ; #dontyoukidme #yeaikidyounot). But that #khulkejeenekiaadat wont die rather cant die. So i believe “Joy” will still be my most favorite fruit in life. Doesn’t have to come in crazy entertaining packages but it can still be as infectious as it can get in calmer delights! #experiencebhikoibaathhothihain

You know that feeling when you have a lot to say about a lot of things just randomly but not too long???
I honestly love that sometimes!That random thought that crosses your mind, stays with u for a bit, takes a ride along with your perception in your train of thought and leaves? They are beautiful sometimes.

I got an idea ???? this morning to capture that and put it out here on my own platform #rangasthalam #haanbhaikyonnahin  as #mysnippetsofthought and come back to it whenever i want to and feel like its not left me really!

So, that was that ☝????