I am so happy to “Comeback” to my fresh LyfeInGeneral and MY Life in General.

I am in the time of living with my purest joys (Akshara & Dhruv) and with my truest self.

It is a time which defies all odds and quiet honestly having a comeback that’s stronger than I have imagined.

In general, life will try to label you according to your position or past. You could be somebody with certain ethnicity, certain background, certain physical feature, certain mistake, certain failure, certain winner, certain quality, certain trait, certain old you! But I believe, No thing or No body has the power to define you except yourself and your Master. (BTW, I am just Saroja Chepuru)

You are a sum total of your potential.

So, what’s so fresh about this comeback? These are the questions I ask myself actually.

Did you ever experience the aroma coming from a raw coarsely ground coffee bean? It is so refreshing!

And that’s what its like….Raw & Real.

It’s about exploring the beauty tucked inside the reality of life. It’s about holding on to the truth and still living with a purpose. It’s about humbling yourself and facing the facts. It’s about gaining awareness and making bold choices to eliminate the rubble. It’s about freeing yourself from the bitterness and negativity in and around in every possible form. It’s about focusing on the virtues of life than on the vanity of life.

It’s fresh because there is so much joy in finding out that you don’t exist to live for others or by their opinions or for their approval but you live just for yourself. There is freedom in living for yourself when you thrive to make the right choices. From the gut of your inner being, you are completely aware of your position, but at the same time you are focusing on your potential.

When you are expanding your horizons and deepening your perspective, you are bound to propel.

So who wouldn’t want a life that’s profound and propelling?

On a lighter note…Life is good! You cannot judge the entire story just from few scenes.

I have also discovered that positive things and powerful transformations don’t happen outside of you. It actually begins inside you and shifts your own mind. I thought that’s crazy when I first found out. At least I have been under the impression that if a situation or a circumstance changed then that means life could radically change and be better. But No! It is very strange that way. Nothing changes unless your thinking changes. It sounds very motivational when we read but we don’t get it until we apply.

If you think about it, what is life in general?

Living out the everyday life as it matters, waking up to the sun and rushing out the door to make your living as it matters, running your basic errands as it matters, stirring your gifts/abilities as it matters, loving out loud as it matters , becoming fit spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and socially as it matters, and fighting the good fight until the end as it matters is what life is all about.

Your destiny is embraced within these teeny tiny doings of life.

And yea, once in a while pull yourself back from the “INSTA(nt)” world and sit back and relax while you journey on to your next season in life.

Speak Life, Speak Hope & Speak Love into your Life In General!