I love my solitude as much as I love spending hours together with a bunch of people! I love self-talking as much as I love having endless conversations with anybody! I love deep thinking as much as I love being impromptu!

In the past few months, I was fortunate to spend some real quality time with myself and in the company of the purest thing possible…my new born! I was able to draw enormous amounts of peaceful energy just by feeling my baby so close to me. That’s when it reinforced, Kids are such a Joy!

Being a mother/parent/woman, we wear various hats in a day and are expected to-be something all the time. It wears you down. It is easy to want to quit and just be selfish. But you are perfectly placed where you are, for a purpose. It just takes a while for our minds to understand the role and sink it all in. There must be something unique about you that is needed to lift the spirits around and calm the relations connected to you or just be there the way you are. Only a capable person can meet the expectations. That’s when it reinforced, Responsibility is such an Honor.

It is the norm of today’s lifestyle that the element of fun deteriorates as you age. That is not entirely incorrect. Your responsibilities can absolutely do that. Life could feel Evil. The stress exponentially increases in trying to do justice to the role we have to play. I see stress as two kinds -Good and Bad. The latter paralyzes you and the former galvanizes you into action. Whichever it is, the pressure could simply make you forget who you are. Sadly, in such circumstances we fail to feel the joy and feel the burden of responsibility.  So, that’s when it reinforced, you need to find your Muse that inspires you to be you and best things begin to happen!

On my mind for this One Life….

Kids are Joy

Responsibility is an Honor

Find your Muse and Make this Life a Fun Ride!!!

Only a Happy Woman can Make Mothers Day truly Happy!