Where do I start…honestly I have a gush of thoughts running in my mind about Liyfe in General. Its been 17 days since I turned 30 and the one thing that has been on my mind is, I need to do something that is more valuable to me and that has a purpose in my life. I want to break the tedium in my life and make it more passionate. Although I am a person full of passion about everything and anything in life, I don’t want to be done there yet. I want to zoom in, i want to streamline and steer my thoughts in a more structured way that I can closely associate my lifestyle with.

I want to take a quick minute and talk about how I like to be so very sure in having a concept or a theme for everything  I want to celebrate. Let it be my baby shower, my husband’s dad-chelor, my daughter’s 1st birthday or my sister’s sangeet or for that matter my 30th birthday! I wish to celebrate every milestone in my life and make them memorable so that when I look back I can have a pleasant smile on my face. I am a person who is an ardent lover of memories and a believer of the idea that making memories is like living in castles! Giving a theme or a concept to the celebration, highlights the purpose and its value. Before I shift  the topic into another favorite one of mine…I will try to stick to what I started about (hey I told you this is my first ever blog…so spare me if I get distracted 😉 )

A few days ago, while approaching age 30, I was thinking about the concept for my BIG 3’O’ party and the life after it. After giving  it a good thought, I came up with these 4 elements that i want for the rest of my life –

”Life”,”Peace”,”Prosperity”,”Royalty” (The order is very important to me)

“Life” – I believe in having a true LIFE in our life…which really is Growth and Contribution in every step of our way! I don’t want to add days to my life but i want to add life to my days! I am sure this line must be one of your favorites as well. But pause and really retrospect yourself and ask what are you doing to really live like that. I am not the first one to pose this question. It is otherwise only a stereotype question in blogs related to Life, Joy, and Happiness. But hey! Yet again i ask, in your own confined little life of yours, how are you contributing to a life filled with bountiful of joy???Are you resonating in positive tones within the souls around you? That’s another subject I am very tempted to dive into now because I have an exaggerated effusiveness and enthusiasm about Life in general…But will hold off my thoughts for the future.

“Peace” – Wow….such an abstract and a commonly used word!!! But really what is Peace to me??? I carved out a befitting definition…

  • Not making others actions, a reason for my Joy and Happiness.
  • A Lifestyle without judgments and retaliations.
  • Not making an assumption to prove my theorem about anybody or anything(Life is not Mathematics!)

You can’t believe half the things you hear today, it’s all bird talk!!! I don’t want to believe in a negative word or talk about anything bad however compellingly convincing it is. I don’t deny that I love gossip or I gossip…all I am telling myself is that I am not going to have a messy room for it in my 30s. It’s always fun to talk about others but I choose to talk good things and give my gossips a positive tune.Heck yea…No one is perfect!It is rather a weak mind that can only enjoy talking about others imperfections when you have loads yourself)

In my experiences and encounters with the world around me I have realized that people give Judgment a fancy name called “Opinion” and strongly make every effort to believe and make others believe in it. Despite that someone is honestly trying to be conscientious in doing good it is mistaken for being disingenuous. Can’t reason why, but it seems like no one is ready to believe in Good. It is more intriguing to speculate the black dot than the white paper it is on!

I choose to indulge myself in positive thoughts about things around me which will give me Peace and make me a Happy Soul.

“Prosperity” – Another element which we love to set our own standards based on materialism. I believe that one should flourish in what they have adopted for a living and possibly make a fortune. In the midst of social pressures we push ourselves to be prosperous as we gauge our opulence with our peers. I would only be lying if I said I don’t fancy luxury or richness. All I am saying is that I want to live a life filled with grandeur in what i have and work towards having one. No harm in wishing for a sumptuous life unless you are very clear about the fact that you cannot be defined by what you have and you do not define others by it!

“Royalty” – This element has been clear in my upbringing since childhood. Something that I cannot disassociate myself with! “Live Life King Size” is what my parents believed in and have passed it on to us. Something that is true to its meaning is, one must stretch their hand in giving. The more you have a heart to give…The more you will be blessed with! Real Royalty lies in giving someone what they really need.

Hmm too heavy topics for a person like me who doesn’t come across as one of those who has strong beliefs in such areas…Well…i am pretty stubborn in what I believe and  these are the 4 quadrants I have chosen to live the rest of my life in and around. One doesn’t have to have a philosophical appearance to have an habitually honest, caring, loving and passionate personality. One can still carry it in Style…that’s what I am going to share about in this space!

I asked myself a zillion times if I am sure about this(This = Blogging). The human in me left me with mixed bags of thoughts and emotions. It pondered a thought if It would be a mistake for me to put this much of myself – all my thoughts and beliefs – out in the open and exposed place where public can point and sneer. Then the only thought that echoed in my mind is, 30 is an age enough to make your statement and ignore the unwanted rustle 😉 It’s worthless to think too much about what others think, because they will think and talk  it out anyway!

….alright I am done writing my 1st post 🙂

P.S : This page will be tinkering until I am happy.