It’s that time of the year where it is all about meeting family, sharing with friends, cooking food for your loved ones, shopping for gifts, eating your favorite pies, enjoying those creamy mashed potatoes…..and most of all giving Thanks!!!

This morning in my office, someone posted a nice challenge!  A challenge to list out at least 50 people, things, or events for which you are really thankful for and express gratitude to those you have listed.

Someone said, “Gratitude is the memory of the heart”.

I have always felt “Gratitude” is one of the number one super tools to transform the perspective of our lives and how we live in it. It is a fundamental practice for attracting goodness into your life. Gratitude Changes Everything! It at least helps us not to take anything for granted and see good in everything without being negative!

I know that we are all grateful for a lot of things around us (both good and bad) that made us who we are today! But this challenge really made me think about expressing it! I’m one of those who always believed “ If you Feel It, Just Say it” and especially when it is something that made you happy, do not delay!(yaaa that One Life concept…)

I agree sometimes Gratitude might feel a little cliché…”Ugh, gratitude!!! I am so over it. Been there, done that. …Its so 1970s!!!” But here is the deal though, if you have gratitude fatigue I can pretty much bet you are doing it wrong! Who knew you could do gratitude wrong, Right?! I didn’t know until I spent sometime thinking about it!

Yea, its ok to express gratitude in a kind of nice generic way but I really want to turn it into a miracle smoothie that has a positive effect which leaves you more elated and excited(with a twist of fun, if you may).

So, the strategy is very simple…Express Gratitude with Details!!!

Don’t be Generalists! Get down to the Specifics…Really get into it. Express it emotionally vs. intellectually. Trust me it will help you re-experience it!

Because, how you do something is just as important as what you are doing.

Try this – Instead of just saying “I am so thankful to you for being such a wonderful human in my life”….Say “I Thank You for cleaning that toilet 182 times in the last 365 days”

Chuck it fellas! Come up with your own specifics….but JUST SAY IT !

It’s almost the end of the year and you will be very busy with your own self resolutions for New Year! Let’s put in some time for those who really mean something in your life 🙂

If listing 50 is too much of a stretch, start with 5 people and 5 specifics…that’s it! There you go…

Have a Beautiful Holiday!