Ok, I think I am getting a bit behind my schedule here with what I originally planned about penning my thoughts! You have to believe that I had 3 incomplete posts which I started at the same time consecutively and paused, debating which one to continue with(after a month of course :-P)….Guess what I picked? My favorite of all…One Life!!!

I honestly wanted to share this on my daughter’s 2nd birthday (yea right, about a month ago..huh!) And now it comes. I chose to install (yes, I mean install!) this small thought about One Life which would make a big difference in her Life One Day!

It so happened incidentally that this morning I read, Dalai Lama’s quote which says “There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is tomorrow, so today is the right day to Love, believe, do and mostly live”.

What could possibly happen when a person like me reads this in the very morning with a fresh coffee in one hand and a free keyboard under the other??? Passion for Life overflows and someone like you will be victimized by my typing (at least towards the end of the day ;)….because I just can’t dare to lose this One Day in my One Life!

This “One Life” is, The One that gives me every reason to have positive impulse in doing things …The One that makes me stretch beyond my comfort zone and not give up … The One that kicks out Self-pity and go head to head with a Challenge… The One that tells me to assume less and acknowledge more …The One that pushes my Soul to embrace imperfection and a Spirit to love more… … The One that gives me strength to be bold when it seems like a rock bottom…The One that allows me to be patient in a seemingly hopeless combat… The One that tells my mind to relax in a contradicting -ly exhausting situation…The One that helps me not to be negative about everything and anything (looking for an example?Here it is : when someone smiles at you it could be JUST to get a Smile back and NOT for anything you are assuming!…trust me there is such awkwardly negative-ness around)….The One that makes me think and then act (although 90% of the time I act and then think….hey!you guys can do better than me ;-))

The gist of it is…One Life is all you got!!! If you keep letting your days slip into weeks, the weeks slip into months and the months slip into years… then you are left with a life half lived. Engage yourself in a healthy and worthy pursuit. Just Remember that you are unique and your purpose is unique. Focus on the things you do best and beat it. You want to try to be different and make a difference, then go for it!

Don’t worry too much about making a mess…”Clean-Up” was invented for a reason! These days people are too kind to themselves, we even have “Stain-Free”!

Finally, don’t forget to add Glamor to your One Life with some goodness, happiness and positive-ness to make it more attractive and radiant.

After-all, Its One Life!