It’s a new day and a new month. I usually open a blank document on a day I am too pumped up and pour my mind out to just say what I feel strongly inside. Today I am debating about two (out of many) topics that are competing in parallel in my mind ground.  Thanks to God for the way I’m wired, to be able to multi task and don’t mix things. Each wire is dedicated to its own type. My sister calls it as my “Clouds”. If something is sad/not very exciting in one cloud, I conveniently “Choose” another one that I Can be Happy about. The Bright side to it is, something is always good and happy.

Getting a hint of “The C?” in my title yet? Yea…. it’s this “CHOICE” video that people are going frenzy about! At first I really didn’t want to touch this topic, because its become too sensitive and I am ambivalent about it (Although, I did have a brief chat with my Core friends about the video….I love them more so as they keep me sane). Then I thought I will just express my point of view about “Choices” in general.

I am a staunch supporter of Empowerment in General…Women or Men! Everybody is entitled to their Choice. A Right Choice to me is definitely a Wrong to someone and someone’s Right could be Wrong to Me. So, it’s really very subjective and relative to each individual. My take on this is, there is another C that follows right after that Choice you make, which is…..CONSEQUENCE!

“The Consequence! After The Choice

One has to be mindful about the consequences of their choices. It’s about how one can handle them. Do i have it in me to deal with them! I Choose Peace and Harmony as my utmost priority. If my Choices risk that element I would rather be happy about Sacrifice being My Choice. But if the same Sacrifice leaves me with restlessness, I would Go with My Choice! Agree sometimes you would only know how it is, after the fact. Relax! Then, there is another ‘C’ called Correction. You might not erase it…but you can Correct it.

So, my darling women let’s just chill about Deepika’s Unique Fingerprint video ;-). I give her video a benefit of doubt that she is talking about a woman who is sure about the consequence of her choice and still went with her choice because she knows her life more than we do.

I am shifting my gear entirely to another subject, because that’s my CHOICE :-P…its ok to be funny about it yaa!

Here is the second topic (totally unrelated to the above. I told you about my wires!)

“The Change! After The Commitment”

Many of my friends, loved ones, acquaintances asked me that I should write about my weight loss secret and what am I doing different for this Change!

Trust me it’s just that I am a little too Committed towards that goal this time. That did it all!!! There are a lot of resources that can help us educate on losing weight in a right way. I don’t want to duplicate efforts.

But really folks I just had to keep myself motivated and committed every single time I had to choose between…….

Rice with yummy curries and Oatmeal with pappu charu ;), A morning bru coffee/tea with sugar and Vitamix green juice , White Sugar and Brown/No Sugar, Full Egg Omelet with Oil/butter and Egg white Omelet with Pam Spray, Tasty Greasy meal  and Grilled Meat with veggies, Caramel Macchiato and Nonfat Latte, Heavy Dinner @ 9pm and Kitchen Close @ 7pm, Lazy couch and Cozy Gym, 1hr lunch with a friend @ work and 45mins work out class in office gym, 15mins stroll in The Capital and 45mins Zumba, Shopping @ lunch hour and A Crossfit Exercise Class, Walking at 2.5mph on a treadmill and Sprinting @ 7mph on an inclination, level 4  on Elliptical and level 14 with interval speed on Elliptical, Lifting 3lbs and Lifting 15lbs, 8 Squats and 3 reps of 12 sumo squats with 44lb kettlebell, 10sec plank and 60sec plank, 8 lunges and 3reps of 16lunges, 8 crunches and 3 reps of 12 fullsitups with a medicine ball, 8 leg raises or 3 reps of 16 of ’em. Alright, I will stop with that 😛

Got the trend up there??? and… message!

Another ‘C’ I couldn’t fit in my Fancy Title is CONSISTENCE! Your Commitment got to be Consistent. It took me 30yrs to be truly consistent in my commitment towards a Healthy Lifestyle and still a long way to go. Trust me there is no need to brood. Just start RIGHT NOW!

Look for Progress than Perfection and set your Pace.

Everybody is different….Choose what works for you and Make it Happen!

Everybody has a busy life….Simply Set your Priorities.