5 years ago, I chose my sister’s birthday Jan 11th as a special day to launch my personal blog! I also turned 30 and wanted to do something special then with my writing passion. And thus came to be “Lyfe In General” with making your statement in lyfestyle.

I have been on and off on this journey with LIG, as life trickled down with inconceivable twists. Some I wrote and some I haven’t, but hey, why look back when we have fresh new 2020 ahead of us with a bright & beautiful perspective!! As David Jeremiah, an American author says, “We must not spend too much time brooding over life’s transience, for that defeats the very own purpose. The time is to be used, to be invested in joy and meaning.” Then he goes on to say, “We don’t know how long we have to live, so we should live every day with gusto”.

Trust me, it’s pretty darn hard to live like that when you are drenched in utter helplessness; uncontainable pain and unacceptable struggle. You just can’t live with gusto, but you still have to live anyway and make it to the other end of the tunnel with every drop of strength and courage you got. Some days are filled with love and some are just too dark.

But hey, how can you ever call yourself a survivor, a challenger when you give up on yourself. Despite what life has to offer, you have to find your brave and have to come out better and burn with fire inside you to become better and walk in the path of excellence.
I have learnt that.
I found my brave.

And my truth and light will guide me.

As I question myself and always, what is the path of excellence?
It’s practically and intentionally working towards transforming yourself into a being filled with more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Aka filled with the 9 fruits of Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23).
You don’t get all of these in a day or two on your own strength or in a magical way. You have to exemplify these attributes in your day to day situations and circumstances and grow from it. You have to make practical choices as part of your daily effort. And when you fall down you pick yourself back up again and repeat the next day until you know you are walking in that path of excellence naturally. You become a better exhibit of what you have practiced than the day before. That’s what this journey is all about. You do not condemn yourself; you do not shame yourself. You simply propel yourself into transforming into the likeness of the one who made you.

It’s not mysterious. It’s rather real.

The last decade has been a lot of lessons for me and this new decade is going to be a lot of applications!! I am excited and looking forward to it!!

I am not sure yet how this journey is going to be with LIG but I wanted to pop in here and drop a word or two (and more) to say hello to you all who have been so kind and nice to me always. It’s sort of still true that I came to be this far with all the love, support and encouragement I received from you all in one way or the other!!

Thank you guys!! This community right here, simply rocks!!

Have a fun-tab-ulous 2020!!