I so wanted to get this out before we lose the Valentine month of 2015 already!!! Thank God for the busy schedule in life that keeps my  toes up and running all the time….but hey what’s life when u cant take time for what u love to do anyway…Arrange ur priorities is all I tell myself every single day. Could be that, I hate monotonous lifestyle….

Since this is my second post I want to take the liberty to not be too formal in my writing style and follow grammar and be polite and think about hundred heads reverse engineering this(i know 2nd is too soon to compromise but hey…..the matter matters)..…so, please excuse my whatsapp texting style yaa 😛

Its Valentine’s Day and its all about love and loving ur loved ones and loving them a lill more on that one day ;-)( which is awesome of course)…but wait, I really want to take just one step back and be a little selfish here and sing in my mind  “ I~want~to~love~me~too”…WoooWoooo Eyes Wide Open??? And those ‘J’ nerves all alive back in that grey matter!!!! Now that they are up and working too hard….Let me be loud about it anyway ;-)…and clearly I am not talking to any of those self-centered tribes who ONLY love themselves ;-)(Oops..i think i said that!).…So all I mean by loving myself is actually be very happy about being myself with the only motive of bringing out the best. Again, those who know me clearly know that I strongly believe in the fact that u can empower your own life (Can we forget about empowering others’ lives for few minutes here?). Don’t even try talking happiness if u sulk inside for any littlest thing. Agree, some of us are happy also bcuz of the fact that we can’t do much about the things that are unchangeable and move on (which in my dictionary is called “Awesome Positive Attitude”). If u haven’t noticed yet, I love to prefix any feel good adjective with a superlative degree. If it sounds sweet u might as well make it sweeter…..I guess I am losing track here….Alright…back on track to – “Loving Ourselves!!!”

To simply put, invest time in realizing why you would love someone a lill too much and JUST be that person urself :)….Need more clarity?!?!?.….!

Do you love someone who is too good of a sweetheart who cares about others a lill too much than themselves? (Genuinely = without any hidden agenda ;-))

Do you love someone who is really fair and honest when it comes to doing things in life? (With a reasonable and happy heart)

Do you love someone who is fun-loving and an awesome company? (Without a nagging whine)

Do you love someone who is not lazy and decently disciplined (at the least when needed ;-))?

Do you love someone who is hardworking, responsible and balanced (that’s asking for too much now…:-P)?

Do you love someone who can’t wrap their mind around their heart (like sacche dilwaale <3)?

Do you love someone who has charming attitude and a great body? (fyi – facial beauty is proven to be the most outdated attributes to be “lovable” )

Do you love someone who takes a little care to present them well? (Nothing wrong !That shows some respect to the company u r in)

So why waste life in finding that perfect love in someone else and getting disappointed all the time for them turning out to be “Not The One”! We humans are known for getting what we want. Where there is a will, there is a way…Heard somewhere?!? So, it’s not that hard!

Take some effort in being that irresistibly loveable and make ur world an awesome place to be <3

Who said you can’t have Fairy Tales for Real ;-)….You Just have to be that Prince(ss) Charming Urself!