What is that in you that says, “It’s okay, don’t go that far. Stay back.”

What is that in you that says, “It’s okay, let it be. It’s not for you.”

What is that in you that says, “It’s okay, you don’t have to do it. It’s too hard.”

What is that in you that says, “It’s okay, you don’t need to meet them. You are fine.”

What is that in you that says, “It’s okay, stay right where you are. You don’t have to learn anything new.”

What is that in you that says, “It’s okay, you are better off with what you got. You don’t need more.”

Stupidity? Laziness? Fear? Discomfort? Dullness? Judgement? Criticism? Shame?

How often do we cover these demons with lies like “I am fine, I am doing well.” and mask them under the blind-fold of false-egos and self-righteousness?

There is always an unspoken reality behind everything that tries to cover up the inner giants and demons.

But why do we do that?

Is it because we always want to be perfect?

Is it because we are afraid to accept our vulnerability?

Is it because we don’t want to be left out?

Is it because we lost the zeal for anything more?

Is it because we are afraid of losing?

Is it because we are not ready to put ourselves out there?

Is it because we think someone is better than us?

Is it because we know we will mess it up?

Is it because we believe we are not enough?

Is it because we think we don’t have enough?

Whatever it is, not one person is greater than who you are or less than who you are. So who are you bothered about? Your equal, that’s next to you who haven’t tried anything at all? Or the equal, who knows no better than sitting and watching. There is greater power in owning your parts and bracing your self up to stand.

So rise like never before.

Do not fall into the trap of anything that confines you. If you are being put in a box then it’s their box and not necessarily the one that defines you.

You draw your own box and You draw outside your own box.

If you need some work done in you then you do the work and let it out but do not let anyone put you inside a box that tells more about them.

You got a life in front of you that is going to marvel the one inside you like never before.

Go for it!

Every single one of us are made for more!

Don’t let the quest inside you die down even before it takes on the fire for more.

We are made for more like never before.

Grab on to that truth-bite and step into the reality of becoming more like never before.

Life as I learnt, comes in seasons. So whatever season you are in right now, be ready for the breakthrough that is yet to come like never before!!!