Sweet Girl,

Have you been living in your comfort-zone for far too long? Have you allowed yourself to let your down-time that was meant for a short while, become your long-standing pattern? There is clearly a difference between how you want your down-time to look like and how you have been engaging in a pattern of life-style for a little too long. Have you allowed yourself to accept the status-quo of your life? Have you been uninteresting-ly demotivated and reluctant to see a possible new sun-shine?

Then sweetpea, you are in Danger-Zone!

There is absolutely nothing wrong in taking some time-off and not pushing yourself more a little when things are chaotic and messy. But I want you to know and remind you that by staying in this mode of comfort-zone sabotages your potential and ability to be a better version of yourself.

Comfort-zone looks like something you are unwilling to do for yourself even after knowing that it is good for you. Comfort-zone is not a safe-zone my sweet friend. Comfort-zone is actually exactly opposite to that. It endangers your right to be hungry for a possible powerful potential that you are absolutely made for!

Laziness; Procrastination; Numbness; Dullness; More sleep; Unhealthy food choices; Carelessness; Aimless browsing of social-media feeds; Reluctant to get inspired and motivated; Putting off the necessary pressure to make changes; Being the best of ourselves in treating and talking to others and self; Unwillingness to be corrected or reminded; Unwillingness to be pushed and challenged; Unwillingness to take care of our-self in a healthy way and Unwillingness to receive any strength, support and accountability.

All of the above live in Comfort-Zone.

If you are smart-enough you will read them all as Danger-Zone. Because a healthy, bright and beautiful human being is made to live exactly in the opposite way. What have you allowed yourself to come in between you and that human being to be that kind of a person? If it is dangerously just the comfort-zone that you have been living in, then we have a game-changing opportunity to reverse that. We have to call out what’s living in that comfort-zone and start attacking and responding to it in a powerful way.

That could mean digging our heels in, and committing to our-self with the following –

  • create a beautiful plan that works for our day, lifestyle and the season of life we are in. {being too ambitious might be allowing us to set-up for failure; so lets just be more gracious, generous and realistic when we re-invent this plan; Do not forget to be kind to yourself while you are at it!}
  • start listening to our inner-voice that speaks truth, power and wisdom. The core that always wants the best for us.
  • start stepping into working out with bite-size action plans. {Please don’t let baby-steps mislead you}
  • mobilize yourself and motivate yourself by subscribing to great podcasts out there in the area you are wanting to make a change and follow them on Instagram for constant reminders and challenges.
  • Set yourself up with some trust-worthy accountability partners and get in the game.
  • Don’t believe in any voice that allows you to Not believe in all that you have signed up for, for your bigger gain. {If you may, actively call-out, rebuke and cast -out such voices and minds that try to shush you down} 
  • Remind yourself that you are your own Power and your own Game-Changing Ruler. No one gets to tell you anything otherwise.
  • Surrender yourself to the One who has initiated this good work in you and keep at it. That is the God Almighty Alone!

I have come to believe that 2019 is going to be a set-up year for the best of our 2020! And if you agree with me, setup is as important as the punch itself.

So, lets be gracious enough to consider this time and season of our life to encourage us into living out at our best potential.

Life is too short to live aimlessly and dangerously.