Stillness in the midst of Chaos.

This post evolved as a result of my classic therapy to the chaotic seasons in life. Trying to draw a parallel to the chaos of any sort that one has to go through in doing the normalcy of everyday life. It could be any form of chaos but the truth is we are often under attack.

It could be something as simple as sickness that comes with common cold ; or a sick child in the midst of memory-making holidays ; or stress that comes with unexpected disappointments ; or taking up unplanned life-altering decisions ; or simply raising irresistibly cute but fit throwing tiny humans.

Whatever it is, when we see our self in situations like that we tend to feel so defeated and beat us up with constant immobilizing negative self-talk that sabotages our own God-given potential to overcome, succeed and get through the chaos with an overarching strength. By no means, we are trying to minimize the gravity of the situation but there has to be a better way to handle the chaos and gremlins that run through the mind.

I am a go-getter for game-changing mechanisms and tools for thriving and finding a solid ground when the bottom falls off. One of the most powerful and proven mechanisms that has always worked for me is –


Stillness in Mind. Stillness in Thoughts. Stillness in the midst of chaos creates space and room in our head to invite the Super-Power who brings Clarity, Wisdom,Thought and Knowledge to our situation and brings Peace and Sanity to our inner-self. We can invite our Captain-crew (that often resides inside of us) to partner with in handling any specific situation. Most of the time we do not find that strength in the eye of the storm but if you are still, you can resort to your crew who can fight off the head-hunters for you. We have to equip ourselves with such kind of support system for winning this game of life.

Be Still and Know that you are not alone

We are often taught to be kind to others and not so much to ourselves. Being kind to ourselves has been projected as being selfish most of the times but the truth of the matter is kindness is a great virtue and if we do not know what it means to be kind to our-self, then we are deceiving our-selves that we are being kind to others. That trait must be either coming from a “people-pleaser” inside us who doesn’t have enough self-worth and self-esteem or a “prideful-self” filled with selfish motives and hidden agenda. Being kind is not inviting others and ourselves into a pity-party or sob-story but it is extending grace to our-self while acknowledging the mishaps and mending our ways.

Couple of words that I turn to, in times of panic and imbalance are –

Be Still and Know that I am God 

Psalms 46:10 If you think you’ve blown God’s plan for your life, rest in this. You, my beautiful friend are not that powerful.
-Lisa Bevere
Stillness is the key to drawing your inner-strength and wisdom (that is Christ Himself to me)

Your Presence Matters.