I hope it is a great November so far! I started off super excited on the 1st of November as it’s almost the end of 2018 and the beginning of the most Joyous season of the year about which I love everything!

This morning I was conversing with a good friend and I was telling how having clarity on what matters the most has helped me come this far in the recent year or so. In the past, I lacked some clarity based on how the society and community around me viewed and defined certain things and lacked some based on my feeble perceptions and the rest based on my sheer ignorance (I could easily call it “stupidity” but one of the elderly wise women shushed me for saying that so often and had asked me to just call it blindness, ignorance and lack of awareness).

Anyway, that has given me some ground to try and explore this entire thing of “doing life” with a different perspective and shift in my FOCUS on what REALLY matters. I am still learning but I could draw few conclusions on what really doesn’t matter in life and took a stab at those just as I have lived through each one of them. Bear with me if you don’t agree but at-least reason with your sound mind.

  1. It doesn’t matter how you are showing your life to others. It really matters how much you know it yourself. It’s absolutely possible to deceive yourself of the conditions if you are adamant, unaware(blind), rigid, not vigilant and not smart enough to stop!
  2. It doesn’t matter what others want to think about you(good or bad). It really matters what the reality is and how you can think about yourself and how you can fix and grow yourself.
  3. It doesn’t matter what you are sure of or not sure of. It really matters if you have a teachable spirit and the ability to learn from what you have discovered.
  4. It doesn’t matter if you have 20 people or 200 people in your life. It really matters if they can pour into your life in a sensible way or if they exist in a debilitating and life-sucking way.
  5. It doesn’t matter who you live with. It really matters you know what you are living with. Is it adding to your joy or agony ; Is it depleting or fulfilling ; Is it painfully stale or fiercely loving ; Is it beautifully false or brutally true.
  6. It doesn’t matter who accepts you or not. It really matters if you have accepted yourself and are able to stand with yourself.
  7. It doesn’t matter how others see you. It really matters if you have the courage to see yourself exactly the way you are and have the power to become who you ought to be.
  8. It doesn’t matter who laughs at you or mocks you. It really matters if the one who is doing it has the audacity to do it in-front of you.
  9. It doesn’t matter how beaten up your life looks like. It only matters if you have the power to be resilient and come-back.
  10. It doesn’t matter who’s got what in their life, It only matters if you can be thankful for what you got in your own life.

What it means to live takes a lot of courage when everything seems to have fallen apart but probably what we are seeing as fallen apart could be the very thing that was never meant to be there in the first place and why we are seeing it as fallen apart could be because of how we have trained our minds to think so.

It’s a beautiful thing to have a better perspective and see the joy in learning how to do life with fierceness every single day of our existence. I do not believe in running life as if it doesn’t matter. I believe in learning every single bit of what it means to live and to live with what really matters!

Be sure of who the Master is, from whom you are learning because that matters the most!

We all have our journeys and our own race to run. It’s unkind to take anything or anyone for granted and be boastful of the things we are blessed with instead of extending grace to the existence around. Doesn’t matter who did what, every one’s got a reward to receive or a penalty to pay in their own due time.

Being human is not just about weaknesses it’s more about becoming a beautiful reflection of the One who has created us.

Hope this season brings more joy and merry than ever before!