It’s one of those most simple moments in life that made me want to write something today.
It’s a normal day of doing life but it sparked a very significant question for me.
How would I frame it in One word, the way I am doing life right now?

I couldn’t think of a better word than “Awakened”.

Just to be clearer of what “Awakened” means to me, it has become more about living in reality, truth, light and intentionality.

It wasn’t easy to get here. In fact, it was way too hard to even think of coming here.
And a tiny little secret is, even I had no idea that I was coming here.
But then what made me get here?
It’s the drive and impulse to know myself and the reality of my existence.

I don’t know how much of “my story” that has gone out was perceived to be “my truth”, but one thing that still gets me by shock even today is –

How did I get mentally sick and How could I possibly end up in a psychiatric department with mental illness??!!
It has been proven with the medical records that my mind has given away to a mental condition that could potentially last a lifetime.
Interesting enough, the fore-ground conditions and the latter were not entirely clear except for the facade and the shout-out that I presented as my inherent mechanism of escaping from reality.

So, after coming back to my senses, I was thrown at some unimaginably beaten down, rotten fancy labels of despise that had nauseated me, killed me and had truly burnt me alive to ashes.
Stay with me here, as for a good while I started believing those to be true about myself and had begun accepting every single one of those lies!
I was scared to death to wake up and was scared to death to even be alive.
It was a no-brainer that I was on heavy dosage of meds hoping that they would make me any bit better.
I had no idea what was going on for the most of my time and I was ruthlessly and carelessly scathed inside and otherwise.

I wasn’t ready to listen to any voice that was trying to tell me there could be anything better.
I despised wishing anything good except for some tiny bit of strength to do this life for my kids.

That tiny bit of wish has led me to a tiny bit of strength. That tiny bit of strength led me to a tiny bit of courage. That tiny bit of courage led me to a tiny bit of hope. That tiny bit of hope led me to a tiny bit of life.
That tiny bit of life led me to a tiny bit of light and that has started to turn the tables for me.
That tiny bit of light did not give up on me. It persisted to grow up on me and has brought me to this place of living waters in an Awakened space!

If I must be gut-wrenchingly honest, that light has showed me every bit of myself and every bit of my own reality. And that has allowed me to open up my life to a new chapter with a new beginning.

It is nothing but a reality that I choose to live in now and nothing but some deliberate choices I make to make that happen for me.
As long as the process can take, the more consistent you are in getting right back up and pressing forward, the more adamant your success is going to be.

Success in the spaces of –

1. Emotional well-being
2. Mental well-being
3. Physical well-being
4. Spiritual well-being
5. Relational well-being
6. Financial well-being
7. Social well-being

Time and time again I make myself go into the practices of –

1. Unlearn what I once knew.
2. Stay calm and still in what I am about to learn.
3. Make room and space for meeting myself one-on-one.
4. Ask questions that are hard and the ones I don’t have answers for.
5. Chase after finding those answers and keep the questions alive until I find my peace.
6. Not settling for anything less than what I am made for.
7. Not deceiving myself in believing anything that is not true.
8. Not craving to become anyone but me.
9. Not giving up on doing better anytime I lose it.
10. Only aim to be a better version of who I was yesterday.

No matter what the situation is and how odd it is, I don’t lose ground!
I choose Hope!
I keep looking forward, I keep going ahead and I keep focusing on things that keep me alive and undistracted.

That makes me become “Whole” to live with an “Awakened” Life!