Oh mind, the things you fail to understand!
Oh mind, the thoughts you choose not to ponder on!

Doesn’t the night remind you, there is more light beyond the farthest of skies that seem so dark?
Doesn’t the morning wonder you, how can Sun only be a one in billions of stars?

Have you searched all the worlds on the earth and figured what has any power to hold them?
Have you heard if there is at-least one soul on this land that has any command to declare them?

Oh mind, the places you want to wander!
Oh mind, the ways you want to defy!

Doesn’t the bottom that falls out put your existence into perspective?
Doesn’t the pit too dark thrust you to probe effective?

Have you concluded where you are as a random occurrence of life?
Have you seen this point as a deeper awakening to a greater sight?

Oh mind, the schemes you want to settle to!
Oh mind, the questions you want to play deaf to!

Doesn’t the illusions of a time cause you to rise above the rusty ramblings?
Doesn’t the bygones pause you to seize the stance of surrendering?

Have you been complacent with the ideas of weaker herds?
Have you been comfortable in the places of what it was?

Oh mind, the leaps you are bound to take!
Oh mind, the strides you hesitate to make!

Doesn’t the gloating of a mere mortal sound like a gong of emptiness?
Doesn’t the ignorance of the silly heads display the nature of fallenness?

Have you considered if there is a way that leads to more stillness?
Have you explored a way that can cure all illness?

Oh mind, listen to the roars of the mighty splendors!
The life that you have is not just one of tiny wonders!
Oh mind, fasten to the faith that birth’s into a defiant hope!
You are not made to be a deflating dope!

The One who holds the stars in place and knows them by name, is the One who is holding you.
The One who knit you together in your mother’s womb has woven you into the intricate designs of His bigger plan.

Oh mind, you are not here by accident!
Oh mind, your coordinates are not just an incident!
Oh mind, the things you fail to understand!
Oh mind, the thoughts you choose not to ponder on!

No life, No death, No human, No angel, No height, No depth, No power, No creation,
can ever separate you from the love of the God who has made you and breathed His life into you.

Oh mind, it is the time you rest!
Oh mind, it is the truth you test!