It’s interesting how the days are running already in two thousand eighteen. I don’t know if you realized or not but it’s already the 9th of February in 2018. We are into 9 days of the second month of 2018. I know I am saying it again but its important…Because, that got me to thinking – “how can I handle this day-thing at a time for the rest of the days?” Like really, how can I have power over this day in my life so that at the end of it I can say, I got you and it matters! (Remember, “every day counts” kind of phrase that we throw around loosely?)
At least this is how I have decided to do it. First of all, even if it is in the middle of the day…like around 11:13 AM may be, I will still look into its face and say –

Look, the 9th day of February 2018! I know it’s already a little over 11 hours into you, but i want to tell you something. I am still in charge of this day and I know what I am going to do for the rest of my time. In case you are wondering – “No, you don’t”. I will look at you and say – “You have NO power over me”. So listen, you better be good to me and at around 2:58PM, I will talk to you and tell you that I got this work done and precisely at 5:15PM, I will get ready to meet you again and show you how I am leaving the pressure off my work-day right here and getting ready to swing into my evening with so much gladness that I got some more hours left for me to savor for the rest of the evening. Now, by the end of the 9th hour, I will check back in with you and see if you are still doing ok and feel better. And at a little over 20mins to 10pm I will meet you one last time to say good-bye and thank you for being a good one. Yes, because you need to know that, only I get to tame you and not otherwise! So, got it? Cool!

Yea, I like it already of how this is going to be and I am ready to take it on!

So let’s keep doing this and see how it goes.
Have a great week you guys!

See ya soon…