Happy New Year!

It was exactly 3 years ago this day, I started writing here on Lyfe In General.

Life has been very interesting in these years and clearly something that lacked deeper intuition and clarity of the big picture of life in general.

We all grow and we all have our own journey. But if it has to take all of that to break you in a way that could spring up living waters from a deeper level within you, then i am good with that.

Not taking much time, i want to quickly dive into what i had on my mind for this post. This might actually be my slogan for every single year going forward. Honestly this post is genuinely inspired from one of my favorite new year podcast’s for 2018 by one of the great forerunner’s of this momentum.

We may not realize it, but we are always feeding ourselves. What we watch, what we listen to, the people we are around, the thoughts we are dwelling on, that’s all feeding our inner man. If you go to lunch with people that talk bad about your boss, make fun of a co-worker or put down a friend, then they are feeding you gossip, feeding you jealousy, feeding you disrespect.

Here is the key. Whatever you feed is going to grow. You may not like what they are feeding you, you are a nice person but if you continue to hang around them, before long you will be gossiping , you will be critical, you will be disrespectful. Why? Because you kept feeding wrong things to yourself. If you are always feeding negative things, thinking “i will never get well, i will never get a nice job, i will never get anything done, i will be never be good at anything and so on” then you are feeding doubt, feeding mediocrity, feeding worry, feeding fear. If you are so down on yourself, so discouraged, you are feeding the regret, feeding the guilt, feeding the blame. If you feed guilt, its going to get bigger. If you feed fear, its going to become larger.

What if you spend that same energy feeding your faith? feeding your hopes? feeding your confidence? feeding your dreams? feeding your destiny? Quit feeding the negative and start feeding your faith. What are you allowing in your Soul and Spirit? The people you are spending time with , the thoughts you are dwelling on all day, is that inspiring you? building your faith?pushing you towards your dreams? or is it junk food causing you to compromise?

No more junk food. No more hanging around people that are feeding you negativity. If you are comparing with the rest of the crowd and thinking you don’t measure up then you are feeding the insecurity. Your diet should be what the One who created you says about you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are one of a kind and believe it or not You are made in the image of the One who created you. You are You!

When you feed your value, your value gets stronger. If you are dealing with an illness and you say,  “I dont think I will get well, I have had it for so long, the medical report doesn’t look good” then you are feeding the wrong things. That’s allowing the sickness to grow. Turn it around! Say, God thank you for restoring my health and work towards building your health. If you feed your faith like that then whats happening is, the doubt is getting weaker and weaker. Before long, you will starve the doubt.

What you don’t feed will eventually die. May be we all have some weeds in our lives. In fact, we all do. Weeds of negativity! Don’t be alarmed by the weeds. Just, dont make the mistake of watering the weeds. Don’t give them any energy. Don’t let them take up some space in your mind. What you quit watering will eventually go away. Are you watering what you don’t want? Don’t fall into that trap.

When thoughts tell you, “there is nothing good in your future; its all down hill from here” then instead of watering that weed and feeding the discouragement, turn the hose the other way. Water what the One who created you, says about you. Whatever is feeding is getting stronger. Don’t feed the self-pity; Don’t feed what didn’t work out. You can’t feed your history and you can’t feed your destiny at the same time. If you are using all your energy to feed your past, you are not going to have the energy to feed your future. What has happened is over and done. I say it respectfully that’s history, that’s behind you.

You cannot go into a new season if you are always looking back at the old. Those doors are closed. It may not have been fair but you have to let go of what was not good. Quit watering resentment; Quit watering bitterness. The way to get past it is, you have to starve it. Spend the same energy in believing for new things, expecting favor of the One who holds it all. If you do that, then you will see Beauty for those Ashes.

I dont know about you but my life depends on it all the more now.

Offenses will come, bad breaks will happen, wrong things will happen and mistakes will happen. Its painful enough that it happened but if you make the mistake of feeding the fear, feeding the offense, feeding the hurt then its going to continue to be painful. You cannot get well, if you keep re-opening the wounds, re-living the negative. That’s making it worse. It can feel good to our flesh to hold on to our hurt and hold on to self-pity; You may have a valid reason to feel that way. But when you are feeding the past, you are putting energy into something that’s taking you backwards. Its tempting to hold on. Sometimes you wake up and its on the forefront of your mind. But you have to ask yourself, “Am i going to keep watering these weeds? am i going to keep putting my energy into something that’s taking me in the wrong direction?”.

Nobody knows whats in you. No one can control your destiny. Some of you might have dreams that are lying dormant because the people around you are negative. They have accepted mediocrity and now they have rubbed off on you. The good news is your dreams are still alive. If you change who you are spending time with, then you are going to step up to a new level and see those dreams come to pass. Dreams can be anything. It is having a vision of hatching greatness in whatever you do.

Lets feed our destiny beginning the year of 2018.