Yea, you heard the question right! Except that this time, it should follow another question – fat where?

Are you fat in your soul?

Every single person goes through some or the other stuff in life that will leave them wretched for a period of time. I believe that bad things should make one, only better and not bitter in life. The strain, the perseverance should bring u some strength to ultimately experience the joy in every ordinary thing and the peace in the knowledge that, when things are not going your way you are handled by someone greater than you and you need only be still in your soul.

The only difference between a fat body and a fat soul is, the former is fed by the mouth and the latter is fed by the mind!

Now, feeding what to the mind? Feeding the truth. Now, what is truth? Not just the truth about of what happened, how happened, why happened kind of sheepish information about the occurrences of life. No! It’s the truth about who you are. Let me tell you right now, just be prepared to hear this over and over. You need to be aware of who you are. Don’t get negative already. I am not talking about the wrong choices or the poor conditions (doesn’t have to do just with the wealth). No!

Now, don’t get too irked up already because you are getting uncomfortable to perceive this, as you are reading this from a setting you quite don’t get it. Its alright, get a little open in your mind( yea, remember how you get a fat soul?) and just engage yourself in this discussion. After all, this kind of awareness will only bring YOU(like literally your own you) some good! And I believe that you should be the most important to you. So you better work on you!

Because in the entirety of cosmos(in the language of the science geeks), you are insignificant yet so indispensable because you are the only living being well with enough breathing and yes, with a potent mind(not just brain). So the very existence of you makes you supreme compared to anything.

So learning the truth about the real you is more important than believing the half-truths about you. Half truths are the surface level truths about who you are or what you know outwardly. Mostly the ones you use to boast yourself about or devalue about. Things like your religion, region, language (dialect if you may allow), culture, color, caste, political power, education, looks, social status, how much you have, where you are from, who you belong to and all that stuff that doesn’t define even a “cent” of you. Yea, agree they probably factored into shaping you but that’s not you.

Now what is this whole truth? You are already probably asking with an eyebrow raised or just a curious forehead wrinkle. So, before you get offended, the whole truth about you is – you are more than all of that. Let me just clarify one thing right at the beginning. You are about to unfold something that’s the exact same truth about every single person sitting next to you. The one you love, the one you hate, the one you dislike, the one who hurted, the one who is hurting, the one you don’t ever want to see their face and the one you think who don’t deserve a seat at your table.

So lets not do the comparison game here or get uninterested too soon. But, If you really want to make yourself feel special, then give yourself a pat over others for even choosing to believe that there is this kind of deeper living. Because, to your surprise not everyone is even teeny bit interested in this kind of rare abundant life. Most of the people are very content with the surface level living. I think it’s probably because I presume, they are not even aware that it exists and is possible (or) because they are not very interested in that quality life (or) they find time in finding it because they don’t understand the value (or) they think it is so mythical.

So whats the value? It’s very simple but don’t be too soon to undermine or negate the magnitude of its goodness. Did you ever ask – “I need some peace in life?” Yep! That’s exactly the value and more(I emphasize!). It’s for you to experience a beautiful life every single day in the very ordinary things you do and yet make yourself extraordinarily capable of being the most influential being. And, If you(like I was) don’t have this understanding but you still think your life is beautiful then, I would only say – “Honey, you have no idea what beauty is!!” Again, if you are after this kind of fat soul for the wrong motive of becoming influential, then you are missing the point. So, hone in! If you are not game for this kind of living just because there is nothing “big” you see can come to you instantaneously then, “Boy, aren’t you quitting too soon!”

Each one of us are given a set of souls(let me use “soul” over “body”, for the sake of keeping it in sync with the message) in every day to do our life with – kids, companions, coworkers, helpers, neighbors, relatives, friends and just any passerby(s). Okay, If you think it’s getting too broad now, let me just stick with at-least my favorite motive – “children” (yours can be as simple as your dog(pet) too). You are the most influential person they will ever get to experience so closely as possible in their lifetime. So where are your words and your talks coming from? After understanding the magnitude of goodness that this kind of abundant life can cause, i will make sure they come from a fat soul that’s filled with “Absolute-Zero” bitterness! But yea, it will be a good ratio of sweet & salt and “No Sour Please!” kind. Isn’t that tasty anyway?

So now, how to feed and where to feed your mind from? I guess I can give you multiple resources that helped me but it wont fit in this post. “How to feed” is simple. Get yourself some “lone-time”. And “Where to feed from”, I will tell you this one thing. Don’t feed your mind with just what people think it is. Probably because most of what they have to say are their based on their opinions about the theories they believe. But I believe, you are gifted with a brain too. So pay some extra caution to what and who you allow to feed your mind. Google and some good influential people and their books (Okay, i am not talking just about Swamy Vivekananda). There are many other modern monks(& not just the one who drives a Ferrari) that fit your Style(Right, I don’t compromise there ????????‍♀️). So, do your own play and get in the groove. Believe me, its super fun! Hmm…Remember? If you(like I was) think your life is “so fun” then again I would only say – “Honey, you have no idea what fun is!!”
Just, hang tight!

I hope you got your New Year Resolution(I got mine) –
I will be Fat. Yes, a Very Fat SOUL.
(P.S – For those brains who combine body and soul. Feed your Mind!)

Now, enjoy your Christmas and I am sure to celebrate the Baby Jesus <3