Not so random rant!


So, I have messed it up. Like another year, even this 2020.I know I have multiple reasons to justify why it’s ok for me to mess it up in 2020 but I feel so miserable for doing so as I […]



Do you bleed?… Do you ever bleed? I bleed… I bleed with every single cell of who she is. Ache… Do you ever ache?… Probably not! I ache… I ache with every single fiber of what she is. Joke… Do […]

Like never before


What is that in you that says, “It’s okay, don’t go that far. Stay back.” What is that in you that says, “It’s okay, let it be. It’s not for you.” What is that in you that says, “It’s okay, […]

3rd can still be the 1st…


For a long time in my life, I wasted so many 1sts and so many years just because I had not started on the 1st of when I planned and wanted to! . . Just because I didn’t start on […]

34 meets Me 💫


Opening up the presents and surrounding yourself with the loved ones and indulging in yummy delicacies is not all what Christmas is about. It is surely about holding on to the Very Gift of Life and the Gift of Light […]